What is Vision Defined Women?

Vision Defined Women is a community that helps women
(ages 30+) prioritize, organize and execute their personal goals, passion projects and kingdom (God-given) assignments.

Within our community we provide encouragement, motivation, prayer, accountability, time management, business networking,  health resources, workshops, events and more!

The reading goes.. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Who should join?

Our community is for the woman who... 

* Desires accountability and challenges

* Enjoys learning from and collaborating with others

* Needs to be pushed out of her comfort zone

What's in it for you?

As a participant of our community YOU WILL 

* Be encouraged to prioritize yourself

* Grow in your faith & self confidence

* Be challenged to execute your goals intentionally

* Become more focused and organized

* Get to network with others genuinely

* Learn the benefits of living intentionally

* Learn new skills and resources

* Learn how to operate in a community and let it work for you

* Learn the joy of collaboration and cultivating a positive mindset

* Learn how to put fear aside and embrace your own uniqueness so you can THRIVE!

Don't do life alone. Get and stay connected to community.

Here's a snapshot above from one of our recent THRIVE on Purpose Partnership Intensive groups. Great things happen in community!


Community Objectives

As women we juggle many roles. 

For that reason our community objectives are simple:

1. Remind women to prioritize themselves

2. Help women get organized and intentional about their personal, spiritual, health, professional (or other) goals and dreams

3. Provide a safe place for dialogue, exploration,
networking and real life execution

Sis, now is your time to stop talking about what you should have done or want to do. It's time to surround yourself with like minds, positive moms, wives, influencers and professionals (who love the Lord) and are here to support you. Why? You have treasure(s) within you that others are waiting on. Your YES is bigger than you. You are here, you are ready, you are equipped. #LetsGoooooo

We can't wait to me you... Join us!